Starters and Snacks

Samosa, A vegetarian Appetizer from India. You don't have to be a herbivore to enjoy these bite size treats. Served with a Sweet Mango dipping sauce and a Coriander & Sour Cream  dipping sauce. $7.99

Chili, It’s mild enough to eat! Or spice it to your taste with our hot sauce. Yes, it has beans! $6.99

Chips and Salsa, Tasty tortilla chips and salsa. $6.99

Wings 8, Sometimes then run a little small when they do, the price stays the same! $10.99

​Nachos, cheddar & pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, sour cream and salsa. $8.99. Add chicken or chili for an extra $3

Spinach Salad, The freshest Spinach topped with real blue cheese crumbles, glazed walnuts and 
craisins with Raspberry Vinaigrette, or dressing of your choice. $9.99 

Burgers, Sandwiches and Light Fare

The Scotchman’s Burger, No fancy cheese, No Sissy Sauces, Just a Big Black Angus Beef Burger the way you want it with what you want on it! $7.99 add Swiss, American, Provolone or Cheddar Cheese for $2. each

Bleu Max, A classic cheese burger. We start with ‘Black Angus Beef’ cooked to your taste, add your choice of toppings. Then crown the Burger with the finest imported Bleu Cheese. $10.99

Chicken Melt Sandwich, Your choice of cheese melted onto a premium Perdue chicken breast. Add your choice of fixings. $8.99

Corn Beef on Rye, We buy the leanest corn beef, then corn it and trim more fat off! Served Hot or Cold. $8.99

Fish and Chips, Our answer to the traditional dish. Beer Battered Rockfish with Sweet Potato Freedom Fries $13.99

Rockfish Fish Taco, Yogurt Sauce, Shredded Red Cabbage with imported Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese all wrapped in a soft tortilla shell. $9.99

Rockfish Fish Wrap, It’s the same as the Fish Taco except it’s a wrap and there is more fish. $10.99

Quesadilla, a blend of quality cheeses add jalapenos no charge, $7.99 add chicken for $3.

Reuben, Baltimore's Leanest Corned Beef makes the best Reuben, $8.99

Dinners That Make us Proud.

Maryland Crab Cake, Named “Best Crab Cake” by: The City Paper, Baltimore Magazine and South West Airlines In-flight Magazine! Made with our award winning recipe. A manly portion of Two of Baltimore’s Best Crab Cakes served with roasted Baby Red Bliss potatoes and a small house salad $31.99. Also available in a petite portion of just one for $23.99!

Black Angus Steak de Jour, The steak of the day is what looked best at the butcher’s today. Usually it’s a Rib Eye but every so often we offer a Filet Mignon ask your server what we are offering today. It's always Black Angus and often Prime (when it's on Sale) with roasted Baby Red Bliss potatoes and a Spring Mix salad. A Man Size Steak that is Loved by many carnivorous ladies $30.99. 

Cod with Thai lime sauce, A lovely Cod Filet served on a bed of basmati rice and spinach with our Chef Anne's original sauce. It's proof that we live in a civilized society. A bit of heaven pulled out of the North Atlantic. $21.99

Chicken Caesar Salad, Crisp Romaine, premium roasted Chicken and the finest Imported Reggiano Parmigianino tossed with our homemade traditional Caesar Dressing $18.99                 

Anne’s Rum Pie, Made from a recipe handed down from Anne’s Mother. Dr. Rock said, “It is the best thing I ever put in my mouth!” Try a piece, we are the only place it’s available. $7.99

Splitting a Dish is subject to a $7.00 split charge. There is no split charge for Anne's Pie!

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