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We understand. Try our Tuesday and Thursday Night  Specials!

Pub Phone: 443 438 3749
Pat's Cell Phone: 443-742-9021 

934 W. Pratt Street 
Baltimore, Maryland 21223 USA
This website was designed and built by Patrick M. Rowley 443-742-9021 patrickrowley@earthlink.net
as of February 20th 2006

Hours of Operation
Tuesday Through Saturday open 5pm
and some Sundays four till about 8pm
call 1st if you're planning on a Sunday visit. 
Phone: Pat's Cell 443-742-9021 Pat's Email <patrickrowley@earthlink.net>
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As of 3/22/2012
Named Baltimore’s Best Crab Cake by the Baltimore City Paper ………. 
Baltimore’s Best Casual Dining
 Named "Baltimore's Best Irish Pub" by Baltimore Magazine, August 2007.
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